'Umby',  his  wife, and  young son.
His wife and daughters Chewing Gum, and Bubble Gum did our laundry.
Umby manned the 50 cal.tower every night sleeping there with the trapped door locked. He also had orders to shoot anyone attempting to climb it during the night. It was also off limits to other ARVN troops.
He allowed me to assist him while he fired at 3 VC  with the 50.
I was stationed in a small village with two other American advisors. The Senior Advisor's name was Major Prescott. The other advisor's name was Frank B. Lee, our medic. I was the RTO ( Radio, Telephone Operator ). I packed the radio on my back when we went to the field.

The photo above shows what the North Eastern perimeter of our compound looked like.
The photo was taken from the 50 cal. tower as we were shooting at three VC about 3/4 of a mile away towards the North East. You can see some of the ARVN and Popular Force (PF) soldiers standing on top of their living quarters looking on.

If you're wondering if we hit anyone, the answer is no. The three made it to the tree line where they were safe for the evening.

In the bottom left of the photo is our night fire direction arrow. The small cans had oil pots in them and would be lit at night to show the aircraft in which direction to shoot or which direction the VC were coming.
We relied on the Aussie mortar platoon in Binh Ba and the armillary guns located at Nui Dat for most of our artillery support
Major Prescott talking to an Aussie gunner aboard an APC
Frank B. Lee leaving from Nui Dat to go back home to Texas.
He was also our medic at Duc Thanh and a  Korean vet.
Bruce , radio operator at Duc Thanh holding 'Chewing Gum' . Other compound kids gathered around for the photo.
'Chewing Gum' was my favorite kid there. She followed me around
This is our 50 cal. tower located in the center of the compound. Below is a bunker in the process of being built. Yes, there is a Barbeque beside it. Hey, we has some extra bricks lying around, so why not. The BBQ was only used once  while I was there.
Sgt. Minh our Interpreter.
Killed by mine in 1968
I left this photo large so you can see what's happening here.

WO Scorse is helping to load an elderly woman on a stretcher in the jeep. She  claimed that a passing helicopter shot her in the foot. We're not sure if her story is true or not. She did have a bullet hole in her foot. We medivaced her out by chopper.

All the men here are Aussie's that stayed with us for different reasons.

The Aussie in the fore ground with his back to the camera is a mate named 'Sharpie'  (Bill Drennan). The other Aussie with his bare right arm is the man from WHAM. (Win Hearts and Minds). I don't remember his name, but I'll post a better photo of him later.
WO Scorse had a very thick Australian accent. I never could understand him.He carried a burp gun and was very proud of it. I think he was in charge of building several  community buildings. The driver is also an Aussie. They were all great guys.

The officer on the hood calling for a medivac chopper is a Captain in the American Army.

  Read Captain O'Neill's  account of Operation Crows Nest.
  A joint operation with the American advisors at Duc Thanh and the  Australian Task Force at Nui Dat.
  An EXCELLANT web site.
  Click on the Australian flag
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